08 Jun

The Eurovision Terror Plot, according to Azerbaijani TV

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Azerbaijani TV details Eurovision bomb plot
BBC Monitoring International Reports – Sunday, June 3, 2012
An Azerbaijani Lider TV has broadcast a report about a group of Azerbaijani citizens who plotted to launch attacks against the county’s president and across the capital, Baku, during the Eurovision Song Contest. The report includes interviews with the suspects who confessed that they had plotted to bomb the contest venue, Crystal Hall, and other prominent landmarks. The report links the group to insurgents from Russia’s Dagestan and includes the video produced by a Dagestan rebel commander who declares “jihad” in Azerbaijan . To avoid alarming the public, Azerbaijan security forces did not report the arrests until the contest had concluded. The following is text of report by private pro-government Azerbaijani TV channel Lider on 31 May, subheadings added editorially:

[Presenter] As has been reported, an armed group led by Vuqar Padarov, which was planning acts of sabotage and terror in order to violate the social and political stability in the Azerbaijani Republic, has been apprehended as a result of a recent anti-terror operation by the Ministry of National Security. As has been reported, the armed group had received special training and was supplied with various firearms, munitions, explosive devices and other supplies with the aim to stage a series of random terror acts in several Azerbaijani districts. This was to create chaos and anarchy in the country, confusion and fear among people, ethnic and religious clashes; to attack stability, to undermine the country’s prestige internationally. For these reasons, they had plotted to explode devices at a number of shrines, mosques as well as other religious places of worship and to commit other dangerous acts.

Armed attacks

At the same time, it had been planned to organize armed attacks to kill officers of law enforcement agencies, to seize weapons and ammunition in their administrative buildings. It was planned to prepare places in districts bordering Russia’s Dagestan Republic and in mountainous and forested areas where the armed group would be hiding and living.

To apprehend the transnational criminal group that posed a serious threat to social-political life of the Azerbaijani Republic and to prevent the acts of terror in a timely manner, the National Security Ministry carried out large-scale special operations in Baku, Ganca, Sumqayit cities, Qax, Zaqatala, Saki, Qusar, Abseron, Xacmaz and Sabran districts. On several occasions, armed resistance by the armed group was prevented and Vuqar Padarov was killed. Most members of the armed group were disarmed and arrested.

It should be noted that one of the main goals of this dangerous transnational armed group was to commit acts of terror and sabotage by separate groups on the eve of, and during, the Eurovision Song Contest-2012; to plot explosions and armed attacks for the purpose of mass killing of people. Information about the cruel plans of this transnational criminal armed group was not disseminated during that period, in order to host the prestigious contest in our country and avoid provoking discomfort and panic among the public, as well as foreign guests.

Under surveillance

However, the operation was kept under strict control by the relevant bodies and necessary and intensive security measures were taken. Another 22 members of the group were detained as a result of anti-terror operations that were further carried out to apprehend other members of the armed group and prevent other illegal acts that they had planned.

On 16 May 2012, during the anti-terror operation carried out in Baku’s Nizami district, one of the members of the armed group, an Azerbaijani citizen, Timur Huseynov, disobeyed the legal order by the National Security Ministry’s special forces and used firearms. Timur Huseynov – who used life-threatening force and armed resistance against government servicemen – was killed. Two officers of the National Security Ministry received several injuries during the operation. During the operation, one of the ringleaders, Samir Saniyev was able to escape. Complex search operations were carried out to apprehend him and all relevant agencies were informed.

Samir Saniyev

Biography. Samir Saniyev, alias Abu Ubeyda. Born in Baku in 1975 and an Azerbaijani citizen. In 1994, he graduated from the law department of the Voronezh State University of Russia. In 1996, he graduated from the history and government law department of the Azerbaijani State Pedagogical University. In separate periods, he worked as a lawyer. He has worked in private and government agencies.

In 2006, he joined the Sumqayit camaat [religious unity] organization headed by Azar Misirxanov. He received special training at training centres organized by international terror group Al-Qa’idah. Together with Vuqar Padarov, he had been involved in terror and other criminal acts in the ranks of the group of “amirs of the Dagestani front” – Israpil Velidzhanov, alias Gasan and Ibragimkhalil Daudov, alias Salekh, linked to international terror organization Al-Qa’idah. The international terror organization gave him an authority equal to that of Vuqar Padarov and appointed him “amir” for carrying out acts of terror in Azerbaijan .

Samir Saniyev was detained by police officers in Qazax District while attempting to cross the Azerbaijani border. He resisted, firing his pistol and injured a police officer. However, Samir Saniyev was disarmed. One Stechkin pistol, four cartridges and two magazines were taken from him.

Apart from the known ammunition, new facts were revealed during the investigation of the illegal acts of the members of the armed group. It was revealed that Samir Saniyev was present at the Dagestani amirs’ council in February 2011. This was held near Kadar village in Dagestan – and was about armed jihad in Azerbaijan – where Vuqar Padarov and Elmir Nuraliyev, who have been mentioned before, were also participating.

In the end, the council of amirs assigned certain tasks to Vuqar Padaraov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev and gave them a lot of money to finance their tasks.

Amir of the Dagestani front Ibragimkhalil Daudov, alias Salekh, appointed Vuqar Padarov, alias Busra amir of the newly formed armed group. The video address related to this was recorded in the latter’s phone memory.

Dagestan amir’s video address

[Caption says the video was taken from Vuqar Padarov’s mobile phone.]

[Speaking in Russian] Dear Azerbaijani brothers. I am amir of Dagestani front Salekh Gubdenskiy. In order to raise the issue of jihad in Azerbaijan ‘s territory and under my assignment, a group of mojahedin – under the leadership of amir Busra [Vuqar Padarov] – are being sent there. Throughout the past two or three years, these brothers were making jihad in the Dagestani land with us. We know them well and fully trust them. Their actions are fully agreed with us. Brothers, I call on you all to help them whichever way you can. Accommodation, weapons, finances and information. Fill the ranks of this group and everybody who is not indifferent to jihad, join them in Azerbaijan . May God help us. May the peace and mercy of God be with you. God is Great.

Rebels arrive from Dagestan

[Presenter] In July 2011, Vuqar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev illegally crossed the protected state border along [ Azerbaijan ‘s] Qusar District from Russia’s Republic of Dagestan and arrived in Azerbaijan with a number of weapons and ammunition. Based on the agreement, group member Amir Muradov met Vuqar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev in Qusar District and took them to Sumqayit in the car that he was driving. From there [Sumqayit], Samir Saniyev went to Baku; Vuqar Padarov, Elmir Nuraliyev and Amir Muradov went to Zaqatala. At the same time, it was revealed that Vuqar Padarov, Samir Saniyev and Elmir Nuraliyev, were given instructions to act both individually and as a group in order to organize a series of random terror acts by the international terror group, to provoke panic, ethnic and religious clashes, violate stability and undermine the country’s prestige.

Plot to kill the president

Under instructions, Vuqar Padarov and the members of the armed group that he would lead, had to stage a terror act against the head of state during the Azerbaijani president’s planned visit to north-western Azerbaijani region in early April this year [2012]. At the same time, attacks were planned to be staged against law enforcement agencies to kill officers; weapons and ammunition in administrative buildings to be seized, explosions to be carried out in a number of shrines, mosques as well as other religious places of worship.

Suspects interviewed

[Elmir Nuraliyev, captioned as a suspect, speaking in Azeri. Source of footage not attributed.]

He used not to tell the main goal. Later, he said that the head of state would arrive there.

[Investigator] When was the head of the state going to visit there?

[Elmir Nuraliyev] While he was there. He said that the head of state would arrive and that he would find out about his visit, his circle of security and how to break that security. What the weak points are in order to carry an act of terror against him.

[Investigator] What was Vuqar Padarov planning when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Baku? What was he planning to do to this end?

[Faiq Sultanov, captioned as a suspect, speaking in Azeri. Source of footage not attributed.]

During the Eurovision Song Contest – since music is forbidden in Islam and since people are half-naked there – explosions had to be done during the Eurovision Song [Contest]. At the same time, churches, synagogues and mosques. Synagogues, because Jews – Koran also says that Jews must be killed, blown up – mosques, Shi’i mosques [because] they pray with seal [small tablet of clay from a holy place], they have elevated [Imam Shi’i] Hoseyn to God’s level, sacred places, Etaga [considered a saint in Azerbaijan ], etc were [included] in the plan. Because they pray for him [Etaga] not God, sacrifice animals for him, give money for him, put money on his grave.

[Investigator] How about churches? Why did you plan to blow then up?

[Faiq Sultanov] Christian churches. They don’t follow Jesus’ philosophy. Jesus believed in the oneness of God. But they made a cross and bow to it. These are different from each other.

Plot against Eurovision Song Contest

[Amir Muradov, captioned as a suspect, speaking in Azeri. Source of footage not attributed]

He used to say that if everything would be ready for Eurovision, we would make explosions during Eurovision, too.

[Investigator] In the venue where the Eurovision would be held?

[Amir Muradov] Yes, we used to talk about this from time to time. To receive training. We used to tell that in order to carry out explosions during the Eurovision, we first needed to appoint someone to learn the security rules there, [about] how one can get in there, what can be done.

[Presenter] Elmir Nuraliyev, in liaison with Vuqar Padarov, was supposed to carry out reconnaissance in order to get the necessary information for the purpose of carrying out terror acts in Baku; to define topographic maps of targets and locations of government agencies, their work schedule, number of service personnel, sniper positions and other factors.

For his part, Samir Saniyev, together with the armed group that he led, planned large-scale explosions in places where foreigners would gather or be staying, including the Hilton Baku, Marriot Hotel Abseron and other hotels. As well as in the Baku Crystal Hall where the Eurovision Song Contest-2012 was held – by obtaining tickets by any means – and at the State Flag Square.

After these horrific terror acts were carried out, and chaos was triggered in the republic, members of the armed group were planning to hide in shelters and dugouts prepared earlier in forested areas in northern Azerbaijani districts, and then act with other terror groups arriving from Dagestan.

[Samir Saniyev, captioned as a suspect, speaking in Azeri. Source of footage not attributed]

After I came to Baku, I got acquainted with other brothers with Maharram’s help. Maharram got us acquainted. My Muslim brother Hasan, Salimxanov Hasan, Vuqar Qurbanov and a brother named Saxavat. I got acquainted with them. Told them a little bit of myself and told them the reason why I came and [about] the work that I was doing – the information about the work that I had been doing till that time and the information that they needed. We used to meet on a regular basis. I taught those guys reconnaissance skills. Also, I gave them thorough information about military, on how to make explosive devices, so that they have scientific knowledge about this. When I crossed from Dagestan to Azerbaijan , I had one shortened Kalashnikov assault rifle of 7.62 calibre in my bag. Apart from this, two Stechkin machine pistols, a Makarov pistol and three detonators. I showed them to the brothers and taught them how to use weapons. For preparing for jihad, [words indistinct] teach them reconnaissance.

[Presenter] Samir Saniyev and individuals who obeyed him, acquired a large amount of explosive substances for the purpose of preparing explosive devices. Timur Huseynov, and others, undertook observations and reconnaissance around the targets against which acts of terror would be carried out. Apart from this, it was revealed that for the purpose of carrying out acts of terror, Samir Saniyev purchased a Nissan Pathfinder car using the financial resources that he brought with him.

According to this plan, the explosive substances that had been supplied earlier had to be placed inside the car. Explosives were to be placed in the other vehicles owned by members of the group and parked in the main square of the capital, the parking lots of the Hilton Baku, Marriot Hotel Abseron and other hotels, which are symbols of Azerbaijan ‘s dynamic development.

[Samir Saniyev] It had also been planned that two explosive devices – one of them to be set up near Hilton, the old Intourist Azerbaijan hotel, the other one in the vicinity of Marriot, the old Abseron Hotel. In regard with this assignment, I tasked Said to reconnaissance the vicinity of those hotels – how to reach there in a car, where to park, where the cars are parked, whether there are foreign cars or not. To reconnaissance both hotels.

[Presenter] Teymur Huseynov was to get a ticket to the final show of the international song contest, enter Baku’s Crystal Hall, activate the explosive they had prepared – which is known as a shock bomb by specialists – and as a result, to provoke chaos among the audience with a bomb calculated to cause mass destruction and damage.

[Samir Saniyev] As the time was nearing, our intention was to pass it [the bomb] through to the hall on 26 May, the final day of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku and carry out the operation. I told him that he had to find – via the Internet or through acquaintances – a ticket to the concert.

[Presenter] At the same time, to carry out explosions capable of large-scale destruction and damage, with remote-controlled explosive devices placed inside the cars parked outside the hotels. Also, in the same way, another car where explosive devices were placed was planned to be blown up near the Flag Square of Bayil settlement, in the yard of one of the buildings.

[Investigator] What things was the group that you are member of planning to do on the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest?

[Saxavat Xaliqov, captioned as a suspect, speaking in Azeri. Source of footage not attributed]

To stop this, it was planned to do explosion.

[Investigator] Who did assign this task?

[Saxavat Xaliqov] Samir did.

Anti-terror operation

[Presenter] However, due to the preventive anti-terror operations as well as the professionalism of the law enforcers and their bravery at the expense of their own life, explosions and other terror acts that could lead to the mass killing of people, were timely and decisively prevented. Azerbaijan ‘s image as a stable and safe country was preserved. So far, 40 members of the armed group have been detained.

Thirteen automatic firearms, one RPC hand machine gun, 12 different types of pistols, three carbines, 3,424 cartridges of various calibre, 66 magazines for automatic firearms and pistols, 23 RGD-5, 26 F1, 3 RG-42 hand grenades, a large number of grenade fuse, explosive devices made in a special method, over 2,352 explosive substance plastid, two 10-litre plates with around 20 kg explosive substances in each, a 675 g TNT charge, electric fuse for 19 electric devices, 19 detonators and capsules, 48 Kenwood communication devices and other illegal ammunition and items to be used for acts of terror and sabotage, various cold steel, as well as literature propagating jihad and terror, were found and seized.

Apart from this, explosive substances made using special knowledge peculiar to international terrorists were found placed inside a toy car; topographic maps, 438 g of plastic explosive, 200 g and 75 g of TNT chargers, a capsule, one explosive device capable of large-scale destruction and damage, filled with pieces of iron and remote-controlled and capable of destroying a living being at a radius of 100 meters, have been found and confiscated.

It should be noted that among the explosive devices confiscated from one group member, was an explosive device in the form of a wrapped paper soaked with explosive devices that are impossible to identify using normal detectors. They do not have a suspicious look, and are capable of causing death and injury to a large number of people in a crowded place. And this shows clearly the intentions and goals of the international terror network.

The National Security Ministry has launched an investigation under the relevant articles of the criminal code. Investigation and search operations are continuing to identify other persons involved in these illegal acts.
Original Language: Azeri
Section: Azerbaijan , Armenia and Georgia
Original Source: Lider TV, Baku
Record Number: 13F2D1D5304F1C78
Source: Lider TV, Baku, in Azeri 1445 gmt 3 Jun 12/