29 Sep

Popular media on technology and society

Over the past few years I’ve moved away from assigning scholarly work in my undergraduate classes and now most of the outside of class materials are popular media on the topic. I’ve found that a very good journalistic article on technology and society is much more likely to be read and understood than a scholarly piece. I then work theory and scholarship into my lecture on the topic and students almost always have to find and incorporate empirical pieces into their output (a project, a written assignment, a presentation, etc.)
This works especially well for me because I love longform journalism and well done videos and podcasts.
In fact, I’ve been collecting such materials for years.

Recently I decided to make my list of such materials public. And more importantly, I categorized the materials to the best of my ability.

As of September 2016, there are over 5k links here!

Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

Google Sheets link