30 Apr

Armenian Parliamentary Elections

More infographics! This time on attitudes toward parliamentary elections (and parliament itself) in Armenia.

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions. I know that there were no gender differences in any of these reported

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30 Apr

Azerbaijan to stop foreign broadcasts?

There were a few reports this morning that Azerbaijan will stop broadcasting foreign TV content. This was from news.az and this hunky one from Turkish Hurriyet.

I did a LexisNexis search though and it seems to be an older story. And apparently there were rumors that foreign shows would be allowed to remain. I’m not sure if this cancellation is just for soap operas / serial or for all foreign TV show.

It also should be noted that Azerbaijan is in the midst of its transition to digital TV right now.

From Trend:

National Council denied rumors about continuation of foreign serials showing in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku, April 10 /Trend E.Mekhtiyev/

The National Broadcasting Council of Azerbaijan has clarified the question of termination of foreign serials broadcast since May 1.

Foreign serials will not be shown on television since May 1, chairman of the Council Nushiravan Maharramli told Trend.

Maharramli noted that there is a lot of talk about the fact that this question can be postponed.
“It is not so in fact TV channels themselves is responsible for the recently beginning television serials. You will see everything yourself since May 1” Maharramli said.
Maharramli noted that National Broadcasting Council of Azerbaijan seeks to stimulate the national television serials broadcast in Azerbaijan.

“It is a serious work. It is sometimes said that we intervene in the policy programs of TV channels. The National Broadcasting Council of Azerbaijan – is determined by the state structure, which determines the policies in the field of television. We have adopted such measures in an attempt to stimulate the translation of Azeri TV serials, and I think that it is the right thing” Maharramli said.

Sufficient resources are allocated to produce new TV serials, Maharramli said.
Referring to the quality of TV series, he noted that there are many talks about it. According to Maharramli, of course, we must pay attention to quality, think about quality, but we must start from something in order to achieve quality.

How will we achieve quality if we don’t shoot TV serials? Ten years ago, neither Turkey nor Russia had such series. We also have to start from something.

“How will we achieve quality if we don’t shoot TV serials? Ten years ago, neither Turkey nor Russia had such series. We also have to start from something. It’s not a finished product to buy it in the store and show on TV,” Maharramli said.

And Interfax:

Azerbaijan to ban foreign TV series to stimulate national film industry

Azerbaijan’s ban on foreign television series on national television channels will protect the national film maker and develop the local film industry, according to the country’s National Council for Television and Radio (NSTR).

“The decision made by the Azerbaijan National Council for Television and Radio to ban, starting from May 1, 2012, the broadcasting of foreign television programs on national television channels aims to stimulate the production of local films and develop our own film industry,” the NSTR told Interfax on Tuesday.

“Besides, foreign television series often contradict our mentality,” the source said.

Azerbaijan has shot enough of films by now, which is why local television channels will not experience any difficulty in this sphere, the NSTR said. “Besides, the deadline – May 1 – given to television channels is enough for them to produce their own television series,” the Council said.

The activity of the NSTR, a public organization, is regulated by the television and radio broadcasting law of June 25, 2002.

And a related story from Trend:

Azerbaijani TV channels given funds for filming movies and TV series

Azerbaijan, Baku, April 6 / Trend /

A regular meeting of the National Broadcasting Council of Azerbaijan was held on Friday.

At the meeting, it was decided to allocate 500,000 manat in funds to each channel – Public Television, ANS, Azad Azerbaijan, Lider, Space and Khazar — to film national movies and TV series, the council told Trend on Friday.

20 Apr

Nagorno Karabakh by the numbers

Surveying Armenians and Azerbaijanis about their opinions on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict is very difficult. In both countries, demonstrating a pro-national stance is important. In Azerbaijan especially, despite great efforts, there is a perception that poll takers are connected to the government.

Furthermore, the “rhetorical war” – as described by Tom de Waal – influences public opinion on these matters.

With these caveats in mind, please read this infographic with the perspective of the publicness of public opinion on this topic.

Link to full size

And as always, please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to do further analysis on age, gender, etc.