08 Jun

Azerbaijani TV news transcripts

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Programme summary of Azeri ANS TV “Xabarci” news 1600 gmt 7 Jun 12
BBC Monitoring International Reports – Friday, June 8, 2012
Presenter Nigar Mahmudova

1. 0010 Headlines.

2. 0105 Armenian troops have intensively fired on Azerbaijani positions in Qazax, Agdam, Tovuz, Goranboy, Xocavand, Cabrayil and Agstafa districts, TV says. No casualties are reported.

3. 0135 Visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met representatives of civil society and Azerbaijani activist Baxtiyar Haciyev who was released a few days ago after serving some time in jail on charges of dodging military service. Vuqar Bayramli, head of the Economic and Social Development Centre, is shown saying they discussed economic and social issues. Baxtiyar Haciyev is shown saying Clinton spoke about human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan when she met him at the US embassy in Baku. MP Rasim Musabayov is shown saying that he believes that Clinton’s visit to the region will have a positive impact on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

4. 0456 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has visited Turkey to attend an anti-terrorist forum held in Istanbul. Presenter-read report over foreign TV footage.

5. 0530 The OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen have expressed serious concern over fatal incidents on the line of contact between the Azerbaijani and Armenian troops. The Turkish Foreign Ministry also issued a statement condemning the cease-fire violation on the line of contact, TV says. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev has condemned the Armenian side for its statement which described the incident as an act of sabotage.

6. 0741 ANS correspondent reports from the line of contact, saying the situation remains tense; video report.

7. 0917 Foreign news: Syria; Egypt.

8. 1111 The Azerbaijani parliament will discuss amendments to the law on Azerbaijani Public TV and Radio. According to the amendments, best foreign TV serials may be broadcast by Public TV; video report.

9. 1337 Four people have been detained in Ukraine on suspicion of killing of the chairman of the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Ukraine, Iqbal Mahmudov; video report.

10. 1415 Exercise was held in Saki District with the aim of organizing the management of civil defence bodies during possible emergencies. Video shows firefighters putting out improvised fire.

11. 1500 Foreign news: Turkey.

12. 1542 Report on negative consequences of abortions.

13. 1930 Madonna will give a concert in Turkey.

14. 2019 Foreign news: Greece.

15. 2100 Presenter signs off. Sport. Weather.
Original Language: Azeri
Section: Azerbaijan , Armenia and Georgia
Original Source: ANS TV, Baku
Record Number: 13F477B817B36200
Source: ANS TV, Baku, in Azeri 1600 gmt 7 Jun 12