Technology & Society/Computer-mediated Communication infographics

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I use these infographics primarily within “social annotations” – I place them inside of the assigned materials in my course to help remind students of a theory or a topic that we covered in the past or to provide more information about a concept.

Social Identity Model of Deindividuation Effects (SIDE) Model – pdf

Social Information Processing Theory – pdf

Hyperpersonal model – pdf

Uncertainty reduction and management – pdf

Social Penetration Theory – pdf

Context collapse – pdf

Polymedia – pdf

Envy and social media – pdf – inspired by this fantastic review by Meier and Johnson (2022)

Understanding social media overuse and digital well-being – pdf – based on this excellent piece by Vanden Abeele et al. (2022)

Technology moral panic – pdf

Sisyphean Cycle of Technology Panics, Orben, 2020pdf