18 Feb

#armvote13 and #iditord hashtag analysis

Today Armenia has a presidential election.

I’ve been tracking the election hashtag #armvote13 as well as the election monitoring hashtag #iditord.

When I say tracking, I mean running #nodexl analysis on the hashtags. I explained how I did this for recent events in Azerbaijan here – basically why I am doing this, how I am doing this, what all this stuff means, and some basic methodology.

I’m happy to answer any questions! Also, you can click on the link and download the tweets yourself! It opens in Excel.

For the next day or three, I’ll download all the tweets every hour and upload new visualizations every few hours.

#armvote13 9pm Yerevan Feb 1

#armvote13 10am 17 Feb


#armvote13 6am 18 Feb


#armvote13 8am 18 Feb


As I mentioned on Facebook, group 1 is mostly foreigners who tweet about Armenia including organizations.
Group 2 are people IN Armenia.
Group 3 is interesting too – people who are in Armenia but may not be Hayastantsi. There are some diasporans that live in Armenia, the American Ambassador, a wellknown blogger who now lives in the UK, and some other Armenians from Armenia who are not currently on the ground.

I imagine that these groups will change over the next few days.

#armvote13 9am 18 Feb


Here are links to the #iditord hashtag

#iditord 10am 17 Feb

#iditord 6am 18 Feb

#iditord 8am 18 Feb