02 Jul

Rule of Law in the Caucasus

People in the Caucasus think that their court systems favor some people over others, according to the 2010 Caucasus Barometer.

Over half of Armenians (54%) and Azerbaijanis (57%) believe that this, and 43 percent of Georgians do.

And while those that say that they don’t know are high in each country (10% of Armenians, 18% of Azerbaijanis, and 27% of Georgians), those that are sure and certain that there is favorship.

Why don’t Armenians, Azerbaijanis, and Georgians think that their court systems are fair?

One reason may be judges. While most people in the Caucasus do not trust judges, there are many that are neutral or unsure.

Moreover, many believe that the court systems are under the influence of the government. Very few people in any of the three countries think that the court systems are independent.

Furthermore, many also believe that high officials are not publish when they break the law.