26 Jan

#protestbaku – part 2

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So there is a new protest on January 26. It started at 3pm Baku time. Here’s the analysis for 4pm Baku time.


full report

229 users with 3559 in the last 5 hours.

most common words:

protestbaku – the hashtag itself
rt – retweet
ismayilli – the hashtag for the other event of the week
police – obvious
azerbaijan – obvious
detained – telling
sahil – means coast/shore, referring to Sahil Park
eminmilli – at the protest, was detained
polis – police
baku – obvious
və – and
ruslanazad – a main tweeter
azerbaycan – Azerbaijan in Azerbaijani
muntezir – a main tweeter
protest – obvious
turanoza – a main tweeter
saxlanıldı – held
plan – tweeeted “plan b” when protest moved from 1 location to another
huseynovaturkan – a main tweeter
b – from plan b
emin – common name
bağına – garden (?)
ismayil – Khadija Ismayil, journalist
milli – national and surname of Emin Milli

Top URLs are live videostreams and photos:

As far as the groups – they are a little strange to me this time. I’m open to any interpretations/suggestions here!

Here’s the analysis for 6pm Baku time.


full report

265 users with 3217 in the last 2 hours (basically since the last analysis was run — in a few hours, I’ll combine all the hours for a full analysis).

4 groups now – group 1 is foreigners and people with a large foreign followership like Emin Milli and FuserLimon. Group 2 are people tweeting in Azerbaijani on the ground. Group 3 is news broadcasters like Muntezir. Group 4 seems to focus on Arzu Geybulla.

But as you can see, all of these people are in a pretty close looped network. They’re mainly following each other.

Here’s the analysis for 8pm Baku time.


full report

285 users with 3652 in the last 2 hours (basically since the last analysis was run — in a few hours, I’ll combine all the hours for a full analysis).

2am Jan 26 Baku time – this is the last 7 hours


full report

Users: 385
Tweets: 5651


1am January 28 update

full report

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