2 thoughts on “More poverty updates….

  1. The graphs look strange. I think there can exist the following problems:
    1) usually these surveys created in English, then translated to local languages and not always in the best understandable manner. there can be problem with interpretation and understanding.
    2) people are not always fair with questions about welfare. there can be factors like, fair, pride, satisfaction, etc.
    3) what does included in borrowings? (credit cards, donations, loans?)
    4) This survey is not consistent with the another one about material deprivation where you found out that 30% of Armenians, 28% of Georgians and only 18% of Azerbaijanis don’t have enough money for food. how do they survive without borrowings then?

  2. This is asking people about what they THINK they’d need for a normal life – it isn’t a great measure of poverty.

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