10 Mar

More hashtag tomfoolery

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While I’ll do a full #protestbaku hashtag analysis, I wanted to share some odd hashtag behavior.

The hashtag molotovlugenclik (Molotov Cocktail Youth) is being used by pro-government forces to attack the N!DA detainees.

Full analysis.


An analysis of this hashtag shows some interesting things.

The largest group was around Rauf Mardiyev. There was another group with some known members of this group.

But more important than the network analysis are the tweets themselves.

Once again, the number of exactly copy-and-pasted tweets, only a minute apart, was common. And it was the same accounts.





I’ve discussed this odd behavior with some of the key members of this group. They argue that there is nothing wrong with copying-and-pasting.

That’s fine, I suppose, but in all of the tweets I’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen this sort of activity.

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