07 Mar

Georgian Women in 2011

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Happy International Women’s Day.

This month I’m going to share initial early analysis of the 2011 Caucasus Barometer that focuses on women. The first set is Georgia.

This is early data, so there is a possibility of error. I apologize in advance if there is and will update this blog post if any errors are found.

Also, I’ve had some issues with my analysis, graphics, and slides being re-appropriated. Please respect the hours of work that I’ve put into this and attribute properly by linking to this blog post, including my @katypearce name on Twitter, or any other suitable form of attribution.


– Georgian women’s life satisfaction is fairly normally distributed.
– And more Georgian women are happy than not happy.
– Religion is very important to many Georgian women.

– In terms of values, the majority of Georgian women do not believe that it is justified to engage in many forms of “cheating.” Two-thirds of Georgian women believe that it is never justified to have an abortion (despite the abortion rate being quite high). 71% of Georgian women do not believe that it is ever justified to be a homosexual.

– Many Georgian women want large families.

– Georgian women’s PERSONAL monthly income is on average about US$100. However, this is only one part of a total family income, so do not extrapolate household income from this.

– Over a third of Georgian women are interested in temporary migrant, while much less are interested in permanent migration. Half of Georgian women have a family member living abroad.

– 17% of Georgian women played a video game in the last 6 months!
– 10% of Georgian women volunteered in the last 6 months.
– 19% of Georgian women use the Internet daily – mostly for information seeking and social networking sites.
– But nearly two-thirds of Georgian women have NO computer skills.

– More Georgian women think that politics are going in the right direction than the wrong direction, although there are mixed opinions about how the government treats people.
– 86% of Georgian women would vote in a presidential election and over two-thirds would vote for a woman!

As always, if anyone is interested, I’m happy to do breakdowns by age, region, education level, or whatever on any of these.

I hope to post the Armenian and Azerbaijani women’s results in the coming weeks.

Happy International Woman’s Day!

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