10 Jan

Beyonce… In Love

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People that know me personally know that I LOVE Beyonce a lot.

When the new album came out, I listened to it and watched the videos (while in Baku) over and over and over again. It is weeks later and I still listen at least once a day.

One of the early singles from the new album is Drunk In Love video, lyrics, and Wikipedia. Upon reading the title, I immediately thought of other “In Love” songs by Beyonce.

Dangerously In Love was a 2001 Destiny’s Child song that Beyonce is basically solo on. Video Lyrics

Dangerously In Love 2 was a 2002-2003 Beyonce song from her solo album Dangerously In Love Video Lyrics Wikipedia

Also on that album was the perpetual favorite Crazy in Love featuring Jay-Z. Video Lyrics Wikipedia

The obvious change with Drunk In Love is that Beyonce is much more mature. She is a wife and a mother. She, as Pharrell noted in a video Beyonce put out about the album making process, can get away with talking about her sexuality more.

But hey, I like data, so why not look at a Wordle of these lyrics?

This is Dangerously In Love

This is Dangerously In Love 2 (essentially the same song)

This is Crazy In Love

And this is Drunk In Love

It seems like things have gotten more complicated for Bey and Jay, at least in what we see in the lyrics. Next step? Analysis of the video?

2 thoughts on “Beyonce… In Love

  1. I like your blog, but I don’t like Beyonce at all 😀 like I don’t like her at all of at all 😀 like – not at all at all 😀
    sorry Katy 😀

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