01 Feb

#armvote13 hashtag analysis

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A few months ago it was decided that #armvote13 would be used as the hashtag for the upcoming presidential election.

With one of the candidates being shot earlier today, the election has been postponed. (English RFE/RL)

The #armvote13 hashtag isn’t too busy, but it does seem like some people talking about this are using that hashtag, so here’s an analysis from February 1, 8pm Yerevan time (I wrote 9pm in the NodeXL – sorry!)


full report

2 thoughts on “#armvote13 hashtag analysis

  1. Interesting.

    I have to tell you something – I hate hashtags. This is because it makes my tweets look cluttered and I am the kind of person, who likes everything to be in harmony and beautiful. So when my post about #Armenia looks #ugly like #that I feel like everything inside me is squeezing against it.

    But apparently, I’m losing a lot of traction because of that. HATE this!

    Oh well. I’d rather have my Twitter posts look beautiful, than go with the flow. Or maybe not… I have to think about this.

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