11 Mar

#protestbaku analysis – the day after

ProtestBaku was the “official” hashtag of the protests in Baku over the past few months. It has been used by both the opposition and pro-government groups. I’ve done a number of hashtag analyses on it. Throughout the last few months, the pro-government tweeple have both hijacked the ProtestBaku hashtag and started a few of their […]

08 Mar

#protestbaku got interesting again

I’ve been collecting the tweets for #protestbaku but things haven’t been interesting in awhile. But let’s look at this analysis from March 8 at 5am. full report I don’t really get these clusters. Groups 1 and 2 tweet in Azerbaijani mostly. And somehow I am in group 2. I am not sure what the differences […]

26 Jan

#protestbaku – part 2

So there is a new protest on January 26. It started at 3pm Baku time. Here’s the analysis for 4pm Baku time. full report 229 users with 3559 in the last 5 hours. most common words: protestbaku – the hashtag itself rt – retweet ismayilli – the hashtag for the other event of the week […]

14 Jan

#protestbaku – now that the weekend is over, what happened?

Here’s the at-the-time-of-the-protest analysis. And here are some updates from Sunday. Link to full. So 517 people tweeted. The most “networked” of those 517 are: aztwi ilKinHasani muntezir hajiyev eminmilli FuserLimon JamalAliBaku katypearce (that’s me – full disclosure) turkhankarim Khadija0576 And the users who were replied to the most: raufmardiyev muntezir katypearce turkhankarim ruslanazad azer_rammstein […]

12 Jan

#protestbaku hashtag analysis

EDIT 5pm Pacific, 5am Baku – Since this has been so popular, I’ve made a more inclusive version here. Thankfully the hashtag #protestbaku caught on and I was able to archive the tweets for analysis. I helped create it about 3 hours before the protest started. So here’s a map of the hashtag (thanks Marc […]