12 Jan

Media coverage of #protestbaku

Hundreds rally over Azerbaijan ‘s conscript death Associated Press: Governmental News Report – Saturday, January 12, 2013 Author: AIDA SULTANOVA Associated Press BAKU, Azerbaijan (AP) — Several hundred people rallied Saturday in the center of Azerbaijan ‘s capital in protest at the death earlier this month of military conscript. Many participants at the rally, which […]

24 Apr

Why is it impossible to hijack #armeniangenocide on Twitter? (Hye jack? ;))

Today is April 24th, which is the Armenian Genocide day of commemoration. All around the world Armenians hold events to raise awareness and remember their ancestors. In the age of social media, April 24th has also moved online. For the last few years, Twitter hashtags of #armeniangenocide and #recognizethearmeniangenocide and #recognizearmeniangenocide have been common. This […]

10 Mar

More hashtag tomfoolery

While I’ll do a full #protestbaku hashtag analysis, I wanted to share some odd hashtag behavior. The hashtag molotovlugenclik (Molotov Cocktail Youth) is being used by pro-government forces to attack the N!DA detainees. Full analysis. An analysis of this hashtag shows some interesting things. The largest group was around Rauf Mardiyev. There was another group […]

16 Jan

#khadijautan – something is strange here

In a reaction to #protestbaku, a number of Azerbaijani tweeters, especially those associated with the pro-government youth organization, began a Twitter campaign called #khadijautan. This translates to “shame on you Khadija.” Who is Khadija? She is a journalist with Radio Free Europe, known for her investigations of government corruption. (More on Khadija here). What was […]