31 May

Voting – 2012 version

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By requests, let’s look at voting behaviors in the 2012 Caucasus Barometer.

Do Caucasians think that it is important for a good citizen to vote?


With three-quarters of Georgians believing that it is extremely important for a good citizen to vote (mean 8.74/10), and less than two-thirds of Armenians (8.37/10) and half of Azerbaijanis believing so (7.82/10), the emphasis on voting in Georgia is clear.

good means

Would you vote in a presidential election on Sunday?


The most interesting thing here is the lack of Azerbaijani enthusiasm for voting.


With regard to the fairness of elections…


Georgia is the “winner” here with over half of Georgians feeling like their last election was completely fair. (This was a November 2012 poll, BTW.) Azerbaijanis have a high don’t know.

means fair

2010 version of this here – many more interesting questions in that year!