06 Jul

Migration Crisis in the Caucasus

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Is there a “migration crisis” in the Caucasus?

Maybe! There seems to be an increase in interest in migration in Armenia and in Azerbaijan and Georgia, while interest is high, it remains relatively stable.

Based on the Caucasus Barometer, 40% of Georgians, half of Azerbaijanis, and 59% of Armenians are interested in temporary migration

(This is a 9% increase in Armenia since 2008, but no such change in Azerbaijan or Georgia, although in 2009, all 3 Caucasus states saw a decrease in interest in temporary migration.)

Furthermore, 7% of Georgians, 17% of Azerbaijanis, and 26% of Armenians are interested in permanent migration.

(These rates in Azerbaijan and Georgia have remained somewhat stable, while Armenia has seen a 10% increase between 2009 and 2010).

So who are these people that want to leave?

Certainly in Armenia there is a trend toward desire to migrate.

Two-thirds of Yerevan residents are interested in temporary migration, regardless of gender. Nearly 60% of urban city and rural Armenians are interested as well. These are increases from 2008 and 2009 when about half of all Armenians wanted to temporarily migrate.

In Armenia, there are not major regional or gender differences in interest to migrate permanently.

In Azerbaijan, interest in migration varies year-to-year.

In Azerbaijan, interest in temporary migration is primarily a male interest, and rural females are the least likely to be interested in temporary migration.

Permanent migration is less popular in Azerbaijan, again especially amongst rural females.

In Georgia as well, interest in migration changes year-to-year, but overall interest in permanent migration is quite low.