03 May

#evnvote13 before the election weekend

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Hey, let’s check in on #evnvote13, shall we?

This is the Yerevan mayor election. On Sunday May 5 people will vote.

I’m trying out a tool called TAGS explorer. What I like about it is that it automatically archives Tweets and the visualization is constantly updated. Also some of the different metrics are a bit more accessible than NodeXL, in terms of a public audience’s use.

Check out TAGS here

The hashtag is getting a lot busier, huh?

But of course I also am doing #nodexl analyses, which are much more powerful and give clusters.

Here’s the #evnvote13 hashtag analysis on Friday May 3 at 8:30pm Yerevan time.


And in the cluster analysis, it is sort of cool that (unlike normally) all the Hayastantsis and foreigners are all mixed up. It seems like group 3 is more likely to Tweet in Armenian.

We’ll see how things change on Sunday. šŸ™‚