02 Jul

Elections in the Caucasus

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South Caucasians aren’t so sure if their national elections are conducted fairly. Only half of Armenians (50%) and Azerbaijanis (46%) feel that the last election was fair. Nearly two-third of Georgians (63%), however, feel that their last election was fair. Interestingly, over a third of Armenians (46%) are certain that the last election wasn’t fair, while Azerbaijanis and Georgians are mixed between thinking that the election wasn’t fair and not being sure.

As to the reasons why they think that the elections aren’t fair, please look at the slides for responses on a number of items. Of particular interest is the high number of “don’t knows” from Azerbaijani and Georgian respondents. Armenians, whether they believe that different aspects of elections are fair or not, are certainly “more certain” than their neighbors are.

Most Armenians and Georgians believe that they’ll vote in the next national election. Azerbaijanis, however, aren’t so apt to vote, with over half (57%) saying that they don’t think that they’ll vote. Furthermore, only half of Azerbaijanis (48%) are sure that they’d vote in a presidential election (if it were to happen next week – which it won’t!). Nearly two-thirds of Armenians (64%) and Georgians (62%) are sure that they’d vote in a presidential election.