23 Feb

#armvote13 -> #barevolution

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So now that some real stuff is happening in Armenia, we have a new hashtag! #barevolution or Բարեւոլյուշըն in Armenian – so this is a play on words. Raffi say “Barev, Hayastan” to the crowd – meaning “Hello, Armenia.” Moreover, the word “arev” means sun.

I’m not really sure if this has totally caught on as a hashtag yet, but it might.

So there is a cute logo for this.


But this makes hashtag analysis a bit more difficult. While Eastern Armenians (those in the Republic of Armenia) would say Barev, Western Armenians would say Parev. And the way that “ev” is spelled is different.

So, here are the hashtag analyses for Feb 23, 10am Yerevan time.

#armvote13 – will post later



Anything containing “barev”