18 Jan

#khadijautan update

My original post is here.

It has been 2 days since I ran my first analysis, so here’s an update.

The groups this time are now MUCH clearer to me. As you can see there are 3 groups – groups 1 and 3 are anti-Khadija tweeters and group 2 are anti-anti-Khadija tweeters.


Link to full analysis

150 people used the #khadijautan hashtag with 2527 total tweets.

So, now to the other issue… what was going on with all of these repeated tweets. Out of 1245 tweets, VERY FEW were original.

In Excel, I sorted all the tweets alphabetically. I then also used conditional formatting in Excel to turn duplicate tweets red. (Also of note, if a URL shortener was used, the tweets don’t look like duplicates because they have different URL shortenings – but I hand-coded those.) (You can easily download the Excel file here and look at it yourself.)

Yes, the same accounts tended to be the ones that were writing the same tweets. There are many examples of this. In fact, the majority of the hashtag was this kind of tweet.

I’m not making any conclusions, but I wanted to point out that a lot of the same people are posting the exact same tweet and that is strange. These accounts seem to be “real” in that these people have since tweeted other things unrelated to the #khadijautan hashtag.

But then I saw a strange pattern – these repeated tweets were all posted a few minutes apart.

time6 time5 time4  time2 time

If I was a gambler, I’d say that either 1 person was logging into multiple twitter accounts or some sort of program was used.

As always, I am happy to answer questions about this.


Here’s an example of a couple of Twitter accounts where the same two tweets are posted in a row by multiple accounts.



16 Jan

#khadijautan – something is strange here

In a reaction to #protestbaku, a number of Azerbaijani tweeters, especially those associated with the pro-government youth organization, began a Twitter campaign called #khadijautan. This translates to “shame on you Khadija.” Who is Khadija? She is a journalist with Radio Free Europe, known for her investigations of government corruption. (More on Khadija here). What was so shameful? She said “there is a need for mothers in this country who don’t bargain over their son’s dead bodies”[…].” More on this on Arzu Geybulla’s blog.

And those using the hashtag think that they succeeded: “With 22K people engaged, apx 200K impressions #KhadijaUtan campaign succeeded. #azerbaijan #protestBaku.”

When I was doing analysis of #protestbaku, I saw that a lot of the Twitter accounts using #khadijautan didn’t have a photo associated with them. That is sort of odd, right? Most people put a picture on their Twitter account.

[Here is a tl;dr:”Turns out… “successful” #khadijautan hashtag campaign was mainly executed by a cyber-zombie army of tweeters that had 1. No profile photo 2. No followers 3. Didn’t send any tweets before this campaign 4. They wrote the same message over and over again. Read this article only if you have basic knowledge of how twitter works and statistics.”]

Only 126 people used this hashtag but they tweeted using it 2198 times (that includes 557 retweets), so it was fairly easy to do analysis on this.

I looked a little closer to my social network analysis map and saw that those Tweeters without photos also tended to not have a lot of friends on Twitter. That’s also a little odd.

So I took a closer look. Link to the full report here.

To understand the following, let’s have a little refresher of high school statistics:

Average or mean = equal to the sum of the values divided by the number of values
Standard deviation = standard deviation shows how much variation or “dispersion” exists from the average (mean, or expected value). A low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the mean; high standard deviation indicates that the data points are spread out over a large range of values.
Mode = value that appears most often in a set of data

Here’s the distribution of followers and following for the people on this hashtag. You can see that the vast majority of those tweeting with #khadijautan don’t have very many other people that they follow or that follow them. The average number of people that #khadijautan Tweeters follow is 194, the mode is 122, standard deviation of 242. This means that even though some people follow a lot of people, most don’t.

The number of followers for one of these #khadijautan was on average 371, and the mode was 7, standard deviation was 562. Again, while some of these people have a lot of followers, most don’t.


And it looked like the users of the #khadijautan hashtag didn’t Tweet a lot.


The number of tweets for these people is average 5168, mode 45, standard deviation of 11715. Again, a lot of people that don’t tweet a lot were on this hashtag.

Then I sorted the Tweeters by the date that they joined Twitter. 14 of them joined Twitter in the last few days. That isn’t that many.

Here’s the distribution of when these people joined Twitter. As you can see, a lot of them joined recently.


This is unlike most hashtag analyses. It is odd.

But let’s look at the groups – this is essential to understanding what is going on.


Group 2, for example, are mostly people fighting AGAINST this hashtag (full disclosure, this includes myself).

Group 3 includes individuals that are regular Tweeters from the pro-government opposition group.

Groups 4 and 5 seems really strange to me. I’m not sure what’s going on there. They look like tweet aggregators.

So let’s talk about Group 1 then. The top tweeters are all in the middle, but look at all the accounts that don’t have profile pictures (the blue circles). (This is also the case for Group 3, but not as heavily.) There were 41 people in Group 1 and 34 people in Group 3. That isn’t a lot. They all follow each other. Not many people saw their hashtag.



Okay, the content of the Tweets. What were people saying on the #khadijautan hashtag?

(I’m going to summarize this, but you can download the whole file here if you want to look at it yourself.)

What ended up surprising me is that a lot of Tweets from these “no profile photo” accounts were basically the same statement over and over again. Not retweets, per se, but just the same statement.

For example, this: “Стремящаяся вести свои политические игры, пользуясь смертью невинного солдата #Khadijautan #aztwi” was said 27 times by 21 different “no profile photo” accounts. This seems really strange to me.

Or this tweet: “X.İsmayıl bazarlıq statusunun Samirə Qubadovaya aid olmadığını dedi. #KhadijaUtan kampaniyası məqsədinə çatmışdır! http://t.co/xCEM83kz” was said 18 times by many of the same people that were tweeting repeatedly in other cases too AND don’t have profile photos.

This strange behavior happened a LOT.

I think that it is fair to say that there is some sort of robot set up to do these tweets.

I welcome questions on this and encourage people to open the file and look for themselves.

15 Jan

Qualities in boy and girl children in the Caucasus – window into cultural differences?

Fairly regularly people ask me how the Caucasus countries are similar and different. For the most part the 3 countries share a lot. But there are some meaningful differences, to me, qualitatively.

But one way to look at this is to think about how people raise their children. I don’t have any literature on this, but I *imagine* that there is a pretty solid argument that values passed onto children is a strong reflection of cultural values.

As such, from the 2007 Caucasus Barometer…

Hard work
Feeling of responsibility
Religious faith

were the choices given to participants (adults in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia) and they were asked “which of these qualities should be encouraged in boy/girl children?” and they could choose multiple ones.


In all countries and across both genders, hard work was the most popular quality. Feeling of responsibility was also rated pretty highly.

Looking at this overall, there were a few interesting blips.

Starting at the top, Armenians were much less likely to want to encourage independence in boy children. This was also the case for girl children (although, notably, girls were much less likely to be encouraged to be independent than boys in all the countries.)

Azerbaijanis were much more likely than Armenians or Georgians to encourage imagination in their children. It is also possible that the way that the word imagination was translated could have impacted this. Of all of these, I think that it is the vaguest term.

Armenians are much more likely to teach their children tolerance. Let’s all think of this for a bit.

Determination was fairly popular trait for boys, but Armenians were much more likely to pick this than Azerbaijanis or Georgians.

Georgians, unsurprisingly, were the most religious.

Now, obedience and modesty – these are key issues for Caucasus girls. And in all countries, this was emphasized for girls much more than boys. Armenian in particular had a very high rating for these. I would suggest, however, that translation could have come into play. There are some ways to translate “modesty” that imply sexuality, for example.

But all, in all, I think that this does say something about the similarities and differences between these countries.

14 Jan

#protestbaku – now that the weekend is over, what happened?

Here’s the at-the-time-of-the-protest analysis.
And here are some updates from Sunday.


Link to full.

So 517 people tweeted.

The most “networked” of those 517 are:
katypearce (that’s me – full disclosure)

And the users who were replied to the most:

But the users who were “talked about” the most:

And who tweeted the most?

Also, my analysis of the hashtag seems to be the most tweeted URL.

So let’s talk about the groups.

Group 1 is full of Azerbaijani tweeters that I don’t know. The center of the network though is the aztwi account, which as I understand is sort of like an aggregation site of Azerbaijani tweets.
I don’t get a sense that this group is on one side or the other. Their hashtags, for example, range from the anti-government raufgetqarnıvıqaşı to the pro-goverment khadijautan.

Group 2 is a mix of on-the-ground people that often tweet in English with foreigners that are interested. eminmilli, fuserlimon, khadija0576, ljmaximus, with the regular crowd (myself included) of Azerbaijan watchers.
Obviously this is the group with which I’m most familiar, but just to share – this group had a hashtag of #humanrights as well as the other popular tags. Like I said the other day, this group did some logistics about police.

Group 3 is Baxtiyar Hajiyev’s group. Like I wrote on Sunday, it seems to me that Baxtiyar exists in a separate network from those mentioned above.
How was Baxtiyar’s group different from Group 2? I’m not entirely sure, but as I said, I think that this may come down to language.

Group 4 is the pro-government youth groups, led by raufmardiyev.
They had totally different hashtags, URLs linked to… basically totally different. They also are notable for their use of the term YOLO as well as their “Shame on Khadija” campaign against a journalist.

I hope that this is interesting for people. I’m happy to run analyses like this on other hashtags or answer more questions!

13 Jan

More news coverage from Azerbaijan

Programme summary of Azeri ANS TV “Xabarci” news 1700 gmt 12 Jan 13
BBC Monitoring International Reports – Sunday, January 13, 2013
Presenter Nigar Mahmudova

1. 0010 Headlines.

2. 0100 The Armenian armed forces have fired on Azerbaijani positions in Fuzuli District. No casualties are reported.

3. 0116 In a comment on the death of soldier Ceyhun Qubadov in a military unit in Daskasan District, the commander of the Samkir army Corps, Lt-Gen Rovsan Akbarov, said that two people have been arrested over the death incident and that every officer who is responsible for the incident will be punished. He also added that the claims about the beating of Qubadov are baseless.

4. 0233 Today a group of young people tried to stage a rally in Baku’s Fountains Square in protest at the death of soldier Ceyhun Qubadov. The police have demanded the participants in the rally to disperse as it was unauthorized. The participants in the rally chanted slogans: “Martyrs do not die! Country will not be divided!”, “Our soldiers should not die, our army should not turn into a morgue!”

5. 0310 The deputy chief of the Baku Police Main Department told ANS TV that about 350-400 people participated in the rally protesting the death of the army private and that 50 participants in the rally have been detained by the police for the violation of the public order.

6. 0338 A woman has died of carbon monoxide in northern Quba District.

7. 0553 Report on reconstruction work carried out in a section of the Qazimammad-Qazax pipeline which was damaged after the blast on 11 January.

8. 0845 Bad weather has inflicted damage to country’s economy to the tune of 10m manats.

9. 1122 Foreign news: France; Mali; the USA.

10. 1635 Nine years have passed since the introduction of the Latin alphabet in Azerbaijan .

11. 1920 Report on a camel in Yemen.

12. 2000 Presenter signs off. Weather.

Azeris stage protest over soldier’s death, several detained
BBC Monitoring International Reports – Saturday, January 12, 2013
A group of people in Azerbaijan ‘s capital Baku are staging a rally protesting against the death of an army private, the Baku-based private APA news agency reported on 12 January. Some of the protesters were detained by the police.

A group of parents, whose sons died during military service in the army started the rally. They said that the soldiers had not died in combat and demanded that those responsible for their deaths be found and punished, APA reported.

The participants in the rally are carrying placards with slogans: “Martyrs do not die! Country will not be divided!”, “Our soldiers should not die, our army should not turn into a morgue!”, “End to the death of soldiers!”, APA said.

At first, police did not interfere, but later they demanded that the protesters disperse, saying that the rally was not authorized, APA reported, adding that several protesters, who chanted political slogans, were detained.

BBCM note: The rally was organized by a Facebook group following the death of an army private Ceyhun Qubadov, who died in a Defence Ministry unit in western Daskasan District on 7 January. A total of 77 Azerbaijani privates died in non-combat incidents in 2012.

Programme summary of Azeri ANS TV “Xabarci” news 1700 gmt 11 Jan 13
BBC Monitoring International Reports – Sunday, January 13, 2013
Presenter Nigar Mahmudova

1. 0010 Headlines.

2. 0059 The Armenian armed forces have fired on Azerbaijani positions in Agdam, Goranboy and Tartar districts. No casualties are reported.

3. 0111 A blast took place in a section of the Qazimammad-Qazax pipeline passing through Goycay District on 11 January.

4. 0310 The head of the press service of the Azerbaijani Prosecutor-General’s Office, Eldar Sultanov, told ANS TV that Prosecutor-General Zakir Qaralov has received the mother of soldier Ceyhun Qubadov who died in a military unit in western Daskasan District on 7 January. He also said that two suspects – a soldier and an officer have been arrested over the case.

5. 0404 The mother of the deceased soldier , Samira Qubadova, has addressed the public, saying he believes that the criminal case launched into the death of her son will be investigated objectively and the people responsible for the death of the soldier will be punished and that no-one has the right to use her sorrow for political gains.

6. 0435 Azerbaijani Ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova has appealed to the Military Prosecutor’s Office over the death of soldier Ceyhun Qubadov, asking to punish all culprits.

7. 0453 The Azerbaijani Prosecutor-General’s Office has issued a statement over the death of Sevinc Babayeva whose name was featured in controversial videos circulated by the former university rector Elsad Abdullayev. The statement says the investigation into the case is under way.

8. 0551 The judge of the Baku Serious Crimes Court, Haci Agababa Babayev, whose name was featured in a controversial video circulated by Elsad Abdullayev, has resigned from his post.

9. 0627 Report on snowfall in Samaxi District.

10. 0820 Report on a traffic jam caused by bad weather in Baku.

11. 1027 Air temperature will go up in the country starting from tomorrow.

12. 1040 Report on life insurance.

13. 1346 IDP families residing in hostels in Baku will be resettled to new houses in February.

14. 1524 Military training held at schools are inadequate; video report.

15. 1802 Sas newspaper marks its 22nd birthday today.

16. 1840 Report on Microsoft company’s privacy policy.

17. 1915 Presenter signs off.


Security tightened in Azerbaijani capital ahead of rally – agency
BBC Monitoring International Reports – Saturday, January 12, 2013
Security has been heightened in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku ahead of the upcoming protest over the death of an army private in Azerbaijan , Baku-based private Turan news agency reported on 12 January.

The agency said the Azerbaijani authorities were “extremely afraid” of the upcoming rally and were taking all measures to prevent it.

“Police units and security services have been amassed in every district (in schools) of the capital since morning, and they are waiting for instructions,” the agency said.

“Yesterday [11 January], the authorities embarked on unprecedented propaganda. On behalf of numerous pro-government NGOs, they addressed people, urging them to call off the rally and refrain from destabilizing the situation,” the agency added.

“The grieved mother of soldier Ceyhun Qubadov, who had died in the military unit in Daskasan District, was shown by TV channels. In depression, she was calling on young people not to attend the rally, although just yesterday she was indignant urging the public not to remain silent,” the agency said.

The rally is to be held planned in the centre of Baku at about 12gmt on 12 January.

Original Source: Turan news agency, Baku


13 Jan

#protestbaku hashtag versions 2 and 3

Since people are so fond of my first analysis, here’s a new one that is more up-to-date.

This is a bit harder to understand because it now includes all the people that have been retweeting, but hey, thought I’d share…


Link to full version

Who is the most popular on this hashtag?

Top 10 Vertices, Ranked by Betweenness Centrality:

Group 1 is now pro-government.

Here are their most popular words:
1/12/2013 12:00:00 AM

The use of #khadijutan (an offensive tweet at a journalist) and “yolo” make it pretty clear.

Group 2 is the on-the-ground activists that tweet in English plus foreigners that are friendly with them (myself included).

Group 3 looks to be people in Turkey but also includes Bakhtiyar Hajiyev.

Group 3’s most popular words:

I ran this again on Sunday 12noon Pacific time.


link to full

541 people tweeted using this hashtag.

Someone asked about location. People don’t always tell the truth, of course, but 167 of the tweeters listed Baku as their time zone. 264 (49%) of the tweeters listed Baku or Azerbaijan as their location.

12 Jan

#protestbaku hashtag analysis

EDIT 5pm Pacific, 5am Baku – Since this has been so popular, I’ve made a more inclusive version here.

Thankfully the hashtag #protestbaku caught on and I was able to archive the tweets for analysis. I helped create it about 3 hours before the protest started.


So here’s a map of the hashtag (thanks Marc Smith!)

nodexl map

link to full

What does this tangle of wires mean? These are clusters of people who are communicating with one another. You can see that there are some pretty tight networks here. (And if you’re familiar with the Azerbaijani Twitter scene, the clusters shouldn’t surprise you too much.)

Group G1 on the far left consists of a lot of Azerbaijanis who don’t live in Azerbaijan anymore. A lot of the URLs that they were tweeting can be considered ones that allow for them to “keep up” with what happened during the protest.

Group G2 are people that, more or less, were on the ground and centers around Adnan Hajizada. Their URLs tweeted were more of photos than liveblogs or videos. They also were more likely to talk about logistics – where police were, as well as break news.

Group G3 includes people that I’m not really familiar with. They linked to a lot of YouTube videos though and used words that are affiliated with the pro-government groups.

Group G4 is very much pro-government people. Their hashtags used were against the protest, more or less. Rauf Mardiyev, the leader of the pro-government youth group is the center of that.

Group G5 is more opposition but seems to center around Baxtiyar Hajiyev, another opposition leader. I’m not really sure why Baxtiyar’s group is so distance from Adnan’s. Perhaps Adnan (and Emin Milli) have a different Twitter following because of their relatively early fame and frequency of tweeting in English. Looking at Baxtiyar’s twitter confirms that he mostly tweets in Azerbaijani.

Groups G6 and G7 seems to be unimportant.

You can download an Excel spreadsheet of all of this and play around with things like word frequency — no statistical knowledge required.

I also did a TweetReach analysis of #protestbaku. You can do the last 50 tweets for free. I bought a set of 1500 tweets though. Here’s what that found.

– There were 188,045 Twitter users who were exposed to a tweet that contained the #protestbaku hashtag.
– There were over a million “impressions” – 1,075,736 to be exact. That means, essentially, someone’s eyes potentially read #protestbaku over a million times in the last day.

The twitter who got the most exposure was Jamal Ali with 50,300 impressions. The most retweeted and most mentioned was @muntezir.

With that I have a list of tweets, most popular, etc. if anyone is interested.

So what? What does this mean?

A few things…

1. In this protest, Twitter “mattered” – but it mattered in different ways for different people. For people on the ground, it was used a bit for logistics, but mostly for getting information out. For people not present, it was a way to spread information.

2. There is polarization. This isn’t surprising. I guess the amount of guff from the pro-government twitter crowd was a little new for me. They’ve gotten louder in the past year, but their simultaneous tweeting during the protest and use of the hashtag was interesting, to say the least.

3. Personally I “met” a lot of new Azerbaijani tweeters today through this hashtag. Were these people whom I just don’t run into otherwise? Were they people that don’t tweet usually but did for this event? It goes to show that a hashtag has the potential to bring people together.

4. Speaking to the clusters of groups, I wonder if someone who would be interested in pulling people together for greater collection action could focus on those people who are between networks?

I’d love to hear other thoughts on this. I usually keep my comments off to avoid spam, but I’ll turn it on now!

12 Jan

Media coverage of #protestbaku

Hundreds rally over Azerbaijan ‘s conscript death
Associated Press: Governmental News Report – Saturday, January 12, 2013
Author: AIDA SULTANOVA Associated Press
BAKU, Azerbaijan (AP) — Several hundred people rallied Saturday in the center of Azerbaijan ‘s capital in protest at the death earlier this month of military conscript.

Many participants at the rally, which was organized through social media, held up photos of 18-year-old Jeyhun Gubadov, who authorities say died of heart failure. Gubadov’s mother says he was the victim of physical mistreatment.

Police ordered demonstrators to disperse and later forcibly broke up the gathering. Officials say several people were detained, but gave no specific number.

Anti-government rallies take place from time to time in the oil-rich former Soviet nation, and the meetings are almost always immediately broken up by police. Unusually, this meeting was organized entirely on online social media and involved none of the country’s few embattled opposition parties.

Most of those involved in the rally were young people and soldiers’ mothers.

In apparent recognition of the public indignation provoked by the Gubadov case, Defense Ministry officials said two people have been arrested and several high-ranking military officials punished over the death.

Protests are as a rule paid scant notice in state media, but this rally did earn some coverage and official comment.

Mubariz Gurbanly, a leading parliamentary deputy in the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party, told the APA state news agency that the voice of protesters had been heard. He warned against individuals with their own political agendas taking advantage of public outrage, however.

Authorities are wary of any signs of public dissent, particularly in view of this November’s upcoming presidential election, which is expected to see incumbent Ilham Aliyev easily retain his iron grip over the Caspian Sea nation.


11 Jan

Tragedy to turns to protest?

It has been a busy week in Facebook.az (or whatever you want to call the Azerbaijani political reality that is Facebook (side note: do Azerbaijanis ever sleep? I keep up with the Facebook goings on all day long. It is so active!)

So this week, images came out that showed the beaten corpse of an 18-year-old Azerbaijani soldier Jeyhun Gubadov. The Azerbaijani government had tried to cover up the death, saying that it was a heart problem. But the family pressed and this came out.

The images caused a huge stir in the Azerbaijani Facebook world. Posts and images memes soon followed. Then a group of young activists called for a protest/gathering/whatever to be held on Saturday the 12th at 4pm Baku time. (This is overall to protest this killing, the cover up, the dozens of similar killings last year, etc. etc.)

What is incredible is that within 72 hours, over 15,000 people have said that they are “attending” the event. Adding up those “attending” “maybe attending” and “invited” is over 109,000 people!

What does it mean to “attend” – I don’t believe that over 15,000 are going to show up on Saturday. However, I don’t think that this is slacktivism either. These are real people acknowledging their support of this event in a fairly public way. That is not meaningless.

Here’s RFE/RL’s coverage.

Two things of note:
1. one of the Facebook group organizers has had his home and the homes of his family visited by the police already (thanks Arzu)
2. There is a new law that has huge fines for those engaging in unauthorized gatherings – $1000 for individuals, $40,000 for organizers.

Will people be fined on Saturday? Remains to be seen.

So, with that, I wanted to post the Azerbaijani language media (translated) on this topic… I don’t know what has been on TV yet, but I’ll post again tomorrow when I have it.

First Vice Speaker: There is a need for strengthening the discipline in Azerbaijani army
Trend News Agency (Baku, Azerbaijan ) – Saturday, January 12, 2013
Author: I. Izzet, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Jan. 12–There is a need for strengthening the discipline in Azerbaijani army, the First Vice-Speaker of Milli Majlis (Parliament) Ziyafat Asgarov told Trend on Friday, expressing attitude to the death of Jeyhun Gubadov, a soldier in Dashkesen region military unit of the Ministry of Defence.

“The tragic death of every soldier is a big loss for us,” Askerov said and expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased.

Criminal proceedings and investigation are underway in connection with the incident, Askerov said.

“The investigation will determine who is guilty and who is not. This issue is under serious control of parliament. At this point, any statements may be interpreted as pressure over the investigation. I believe, the investigation will be carried out objectively and there should be no doubt concerning this matter. The investigation on this matter is taken under special control, and the public will be informed upon completion of the objective investigation,” the first deputy speaker said.

According to him, toughening of the punishment for prevention of criminal offenses in army is not expected. Alongside, he believes that in order to avoid a repetition of such cases, more control should be placed over military service.

“The Criminal Code provides sufficient punishment for these actions. I don’t think any changes are to be introduced to the Criminal Code or other legislation acts. But there is a need for strengthening control over matters of discipline in army, as well as strengthening control over relations among the soldiers and between the soldiers and the officers,” Askerov said.

Jeyhun Gubadov born in 1994, was called up for military service in the Absheron region. Few days ago he died in a military unit stationed in Dashkesan area.


Azerbaijan ’s Defense Ministry punishes several officers over soldier ’s death
Azeri-Press News Agency ( Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
The complete list of the officers, who were punished over the death of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ soldier Jeyhun Gubadov, has been made public. Spokesman for the Defense Ministry Eldar Sabiroglu told APA. He says: “As announced, Defense Minister, Colonel General Safar Abiyev has taken serious measures against several high-ranking officers, because they didn’t fulfill their duties properly.

Moreover, the commander of the brigade has been demoted. Brigade’s chief of staff has been dismissed. The commander, chief of staff of the battalion and the commander of the detachment have been demoted.” Two persons have already been arrested over the soldier ’s death.”


Zakir Garalov receives soldier Jeyhun Gubadov’s mother
Azeri-Press News Agency ( Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Hafiz Heydarov; Two persons have been arrested over the death of Azerbaijani Army’s soldier Jeyhun Gubadov, the deceased soldier ’s mother Samira Gubadova told APA. Gubadova said that she has been received by Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov today: “The Prosecutor General said that the criminal case is being investigated under the control”. Samira Gubadova noted she was informed about the arrest of two persons – one soldier and officer over the incident.


Soldier Jeyhun Gubadov’s mother Samira Gubadova addresses public
Azeri-Press News Agency ( Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Hafiz Heydarov; Addressing the Azerbaijani people and youth, I sincerely thank to everyone, who shared our grief due to the death of my son Jeyhun Gubadov”, it is noted in the appeal sent to APA by Samira Gubadova, mother of the deceased soldier of the military unit in Dashkasan.

The appeal reads: “I believe the Azerbaijani state and President Ilham Aliyev and hope that the criminal case on my son’s death will be investigated thoroughly and all the people accused of this accident will be brought to account.”

Several officials received me regarding this case. I am grateful to those persons and members of the parliament for supporting me and my family and sharing our grief. The support of our state and government is sufficient for us. No one has the right to take advantage of my grief, sorrow. I ask not to use it for political purposes and object to any action in connection with it.”

(Katy: there have been online reports that the mother doesn’t support the protest like this. I can only assume that regardless of her feelings, she is being made to say this.)


Head of the press service of the Defense Ministry: “If the investigations detect other guilty people, they will also be punished”
Azeri-Press News Agency ( Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Mahbuba Gasimbayli; Azerbaijani Defense Ministry confirmed the information about punishing a number of senior officers Shamkir military unit. The head of the press service of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Eldar Sabiroglu in response to a question of APA told that the public is informed about the investigation process in the case of the death of a soldier Jeyhun Gubadov:

“Of course, this is a very heavy loss. This is noted in a joint statement with the Republican Military Prosecutor’s Office. But, what can we do, sometimes it is impossible to avoid such severe cases. Azerbaijani Defense Ministry expresses deep regret to deceased soldier ’s family and friends”

E. Sabiroglu said that in connection with the case of death immediately launched an investigation in the unit where the deceased soldier served, by relevant structures of the Defense Ministry. “The Republican Military Prosecutor’s Office, in turn, on the death of a criminal case, launched an investigation. To fully clarify the situation which led to the death, the Ministry together with the Military Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate fully. The public will be informed of the outcome”.

The spokesman said that the fact about beating of soldier is seriously investigating “The leadership of the Ministry pays special attention to this issue. Let there be no doubt that the guilty people will be punished. We realize the sensitive attitude of public attention to the death of a young Jeyhun and treat it with understanding. We do not intend to looking there any other colors.”

Sabiroglu said that during the investigation carried out in connection with the death of Jeyhun Gubadov revealed some cases of misconduct in the unit: “The appropriate order of the Minister of Defense several senior army officers Shamkir connections for mistakes and miscalculations, wrong organization of control over personnel, strictly disciplined.”

The spokesman added that according to the orders of the Minister responsible officers punished by a severe reprimand to demotion: “At the same time, some of the officers were relieved of their posts. If during the investigations detect other guilty people, they will also be punished.”


BRIEF: Senior employees of Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and Military Prosecutor’s Office seconded to investigate soldier ‘s death
Trend News Agency (Baku, Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Author: E. Mehdiyev, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Jan. 11–The Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case under article 342.2 (negligence in service leading to grave consequences) of the Criminal Code in connection with the soldier ‘s death in a military unit in Dashkesan region.

A joint statement of the Defense Ministry and the Military Prosecutor’s Office was made on Thursday on the death of Jeyhun Gubadov who was called up for military service in a unit in the Dashkesen region of Azerbaijan .

The investigation of the soldier ‘s death is being led under special controls.

Because of the special circumstances, senior Defense Ministry officials and the Military Prosecutor’s Office are the ones being seconded to conduct the investigation.

Investigative groups on this case will provide a full and comprehensive investigation with institutional criminal proceedings against those responsible; they will update the public as soon as developments unfold.

Born in 1994, Jeyhun Gubadov was called up for military service in the Absheron region. A few days ago, he died in in Dashkesan.

The mass media released photos of the soldier ‘s corpse with visible bodily injuries.


BRIEF: Source: Two individuals detained upon case on Azerbaijani soldier ‘s death
Trend News Agency (Baku, Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Author: M. Aliyev, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Jan. 11–The details were added (the first version was posted at 14:26)

An officer and a soldier have been detained within a criminal case filed upon the death of Azerbaijani soldier Jeyhun Gumbadov, a source in law enforcement bodies told Trend today.

The source has not disclosed the names of detainees.

Born in 1994, Jeyhun Gubadov was called up for military service in the Absheron region. A few days ago, he died in in Dashkesan.


Ruling party: Causes of soldier Jeyhun Gubadov’s death will be investigated
Trend News Agency (Baku, Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Author: E. Mehdiyev, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Jan. 11–The ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) has expressed its position regarding the death of soldier Jeyhun Gubadov in Dashkasan.

” Soldiers are our sons, and caring for the army and the soldiers who serve in it is in the centre of the President’s attention. However, unfortunately, we sometimes encounter such tragedies.”, Deputy Executive Secretary of the NAP, MP Mubariz Gurbanli told Trend.

He said the soldier ‘s death is a loss for Azerbaijan and for all of us.

“We are very saddened by this”, Gurbanli said.

He said a delegation of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party visited the family of the deceased soldier and took part in a ceremony of remembrance.

Representatives of the Absheron district administration as well as representatives of the NAP’s youth association participated in the ceremony and expressed their condolences.

Other senior representatives of the NAP visited the soldier ‘s family and expressed their sympathy, noting that the accident will be investigated.

Born in 1994, Jeyhun Gubadov was called up for military service in the Absheron region. A few days ago, he died in Dashkesan.

The mass media released photos of the soldier ‘s corpse with visible bodily injuries.


Azerbaijani youth organizations against politicization of soldier ‘s death
Trend News Agency (Baku, Azerbaijan ) – Friday, January 11, 2013
Author: E. Mehdiyev, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Jan. 11–Azerbaijani youth organizations condemn the death of a soldier Jeyhun Gubadov, but deprecate politicization of the issue.

Chairman of the Youth Association of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Seymur Orujov finds politicization of this issue improper.

“The deceased soldier is our brother. Investigations into his death are underway, and the information will be provided upon completion of this process.. We have no doubt about the objectivity of the investigation,” Orujov told Trend.

According to him, such incidents must not be used in political interests of the various forces.

“We sympathize with the family of the deceased, and we have no doubt concerning objective character of investigations,” Orujov said.

Chairman of the Student Youth Organizations’ Union Shahin Ismayilov also noted the inadmissibility of politicization of the issue.

“The Azerbaijani people have a particular trait: concepts such as homeland, the land and the army are sacred to them. One can not use this issue for political purposes,” Ismailov said.

According to him, the case should be investigated, and the investigation is to give an objective assessment of what happened.

The death of the soldier can’t be used by anyone in his own purposes, Ismailov said.

Jeyhun Gubadov born in 1994 was called up for military service in the Absheron region. Few days ago, he died in a military unit located in Dashkesan area.

Some media released photos of the body of the deceased with visible injuries.

05 Jan

LibTech Talk

I’m giving a talk on January 10 at Stanford’s Program on Liberation Technology.

It is based loosely on my work with Sarah Kendzior and will focus on how the Azerbaijani government takes advantage of equivocation to portray itself as a place where Internet freedom exists.

The talk will be videoed, so I’ll put a link up when that’s ready.